30 November 2015

this was almost the year

I almost made it. 29 out of 30. 29 days out of 30, I posted. and it's not a cure for cancer, not an answer to the syrian refugee crisis, it's not even the most creative thing I'll do this year, but it felt good. to share words and photographs here everyday, to be pushed and pulled just a little bit, to show up even when I didn't feel like it. because that's when the good stuff happens, and I'm a fan of the good stuff, we all are.

next year, nablopomo. next year, you're mine.

29 November 2015


a few favorites from thanksgiving before the week starts, before the world shifts back into high gear and the magic wears off.

28 November 2015

that thing

that thing where you come back from vacation to a pile of bills and a pile of work and cat vomit on the floor and sour milk in the fridge and the kids have homework (which, let's face it, means you have homework too) and it's not that you thought vacation could or would (or even should) last forever but you sure wish you could rewind to last week when you were just pulling up to the ocean for the first time and you immediately turned off that part of your brain that does all the worrying about all the things, just for a little while, because you knew you could.

27 November 2015

five senses friday

borrowed from my friend shari, who had the brilliant idea of documenting a week in this particular way and boy, was this a week for the senses:

seen: waves like sea glass, failed sandcastles, the whip of the kite in ezra's hands, the best thanksgiving movie ever, exactly four pink sunsets and one big crazy moon

heard: the birthday song (twice), a chorus of snores, a few human cannonballs, the begging of children (for night swimming), the quiet pop of cranberries cooking, the endless roar of the ocean

smelled: saltiest gulf air, secret coffee beans, melted birthday candle wax, elevator air freshener gone horribly wrong, turkey in the oven, coconut suntan lotion on my skin

tasted: stumptown coffee in the morning, leftover cranberry sauce on my toast, mashed potatoes and gravy, pie, pie, pie

felt: cold ocean water around my ankles, hot sunshine on the back of my neck, the weight of the SX-70 in my hands, a collection of shells in my pocket, sand (omg everywhere), thankfulness, thankfulness, thankfulness

26 November 2015

atlanta + amsterdam: celebrations

atlanta, left:

thanksgiving, an american tradition. with several little quirky traditions nested within the greater tradition, depending on the part of the country you live in, the family you come from, etc, etc, etc. turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce. family, arguments, gratitude, pumpkin pie. though not necessarily in that order. thanksgiving, I am thankful for you.

amsterdam, right:

saint nicholas day, a dutch tradition. the anticipation of the arrival on december the 5th, decorations and festivities and festivities and decorations. and treats and fruits and tea. saint nicholas day, I like the idea of you. and hope to find myself in amsterdam some late november or early december in hopes I might catch a glimpse of you.

(more from my co-collaborator over in amsterdam, joyce, aka on a hazy morning//more about our twelve-week project here)

24 November 2015

the peanut butter

happy 47th birthday to the guy who is totally the peanut butter to my chocolate. the cheese to my crackers, the sonny to my cher.

all the feels today. plus the realization that these are the good times.

23 November 2015

be soft

be soft. do not let the world make you hard. do not let pain make you hate. do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.

-kurt vonnegut

22 November 2015

sunday's list

1. sun

2. wind

3. sea

there were other things but, these three. these three make everything else sort of fall away.