19 March 2015



the internet never stops and sometimes I don't know what I'm doing here.

it's an ocean of voices and ideas and sometimes it feels like the most beautiful thing in the world. turn your back on it for a second, though, lose sight of things for even one second and it will yank you by your ankles and pull you under. before you even know what is happening. isn't this what it feels like? the internet? sometimes, maybe all of the time.

but whenever I go through the thing where I question why I'm still here, I come back to this: I like sharing the photographs and the stories. I really, really do. inevitably, the online landscape will change again and again but for me, it will always come down to this one very simple, basic idea.

I am not alone in this thinking. there are more of you out there, I know this. we are all still navigating the infinite, voices small but mostly steady, clear and true. the internet never stops but neither do we. and for this, I am thankful.

04 March 2015

b l u e

blue 08

blue 07

blue 06

blue 05

blue 04

blue 03

blue 02

blue 01

last week's blues: skylights (a la fellini's), forty-fives (for playing), benefits (of living in the south again), nola dreaming (always nola dreaming), polaroid blues (nothing like polaroid blues), glass half full (er, shutter half open), sky full of hope (so much hope), september throwback (when I stood with color//colour lover co-conspirator on blue cotton picnic blankets in a park in providence, RI).

and now, a letter.

dear colors,

congratulations. you (single-handedly) got me through another stretch of winter. I am, of course, forever grateful.

yours truly,


p.s. my friend xanthe is fairly grateful too. just look at what she made.

p.p.s. further proof of our gratitude here, should you need it.

25 February 2015

o r a n g e

orange 06

orange 03

orange 04

orange 05

orange 01

orange 02

last week's orange: new eyes over new landscapes (with thanks to mr. proust), emergency tulips, favorite diner, absolute favorite, essie in fear or desire (or a shade I like to call I'M TRYING FEBRUARY, I REALLY REALLY AM), fraction of a favorite mural and just off ponce, a sky half full of orange.

(now swimming in blue, last of the last of the color//colours)

(as always, more color//colour here and here)

19 February 2015

g r e e n

green 06

green 01

green 04

green 05

green 03

green 02

last week's green: new orleans throwback, green grass reading (the best kind of reading), a bridge I miss so much it hurts, succulents gone wild, the last of ezra's class valentines (no fancy red hearts, nary a one) and an unexpectedly perfect wall.

(currently knee deep in orange)

(as always, more color//colour here and here)

10 February 2015

p i n k

pink 01

pink 04

pink 02

pink 03

last week's pink: a dream-worthy front stoop, an old neighborhood favorite, an excuse to eat cupcakes, an argument for the unexpected, a door to walk through again and again and again.

as always, more color//colour here and here and I'll tell you, this place is my new happy place times one thousand.

05 February 2015

y e l l o w

yellow 07

yellow 02

yellow 04

yellow 05

yellow 01

last week's yellow: parking lot concrete, gallery salutations, lovely mission details, sunshine box collection, the most perfect yellow that ever did exist, saguaro dreaming, a road sign for everyone.

knee deep in pink at the moment-- more color//colour lovers with xanthe here, follow along/play along over on instagram if you like.

26 January 2015

r e d









last week's reds: christmas ukulele, rothko meets rauschenberg, scene from a moving train, bloodiest oranges, cutest couple, tunnock's on a tuesday, red bikes forever and a little georgia avenue red. 

(more color//colour lovers with xanthe here, follow along/play along over on instagram if you like)

(next up: yellow)

21 January 2015

for what ails you


choose the blood oranges over the regular ones. the building with the bright red door, the socks with the lime green stripes. drive down the street with the pink house, you know the one. wear the mustard yellow tights, the cherry red boots, the little pin with the turquoise stone. eat all the skittles, all of them. paint the toes neon pink. buy the lemon yellow notebook instead of the black one, the brand new box of crayons, if only to marvel at their perfection. pick up a book for the color of the spine alone, care not about the contents. bring home the greenest succulents, the orangiest tulips. cruise the paint chip aisle at the hardware store like a swinger on a saturday night.

rainbow sprinkles. rainbow sprinkles on everything. and straws. the colored ones, the striped ones. slice up your lemons, slice up your limes. now is the time for little paper umbrellas, now is time for maraschino cherries in tiny glass jars. seek out the bright things that live in dark thrift store corners and bring them home, one by one. that plastic chartreuse planter, that royal blue band uniform, that ridiculous magenta hat. bring them home, if only for a little while.

because, january. february. and sometimes the other months too. another round of color//colour lovers with sweet xanthe because she asked, would I fancy another round? yes, I said. yes. and you are hereby cordially invited to play along. because, well, january.

week one// monday, january 19th// RED
week two// monday, january 26th// YELLOW
week three// monday, february 2nd// PINK
week four// monday, february 9th// GREEN
week five// monday, february 16th// ORANGE
week six// monday, february 23rd// BLUE

find us here, there, everywhere, over on the instagrams, the tumblrs. and just for kicks, color inspiration over on you know where.